Jul 7, 2009

Questions I'd ask if I went to Comic-con in San Diego

I posted this as a comment on Robsten Lovers but since I've got loads of free time and not much to do.. I'm posting it here !
These are the questions Twilight and Not Twilight related I'd ask the cast if I could go to the Comic con and they were there :]


- Rob Pattinson, love of my life, man of my dreams, hottie who makes my knees go week and has made me read more porn than I ever will in my life (fanfic), Edward Cullen:
Dear Rob, besides sharing the abilities of dazzling, having all the girls crazy for you, and that crooked smile with Edward Cullen, What else do you think you two have in common?

- Peter Facinelli or Daddy C. :
I was wondering, have you ever had a thing for another character the way you do for Carlisle? It's apparently very hard for you to switch Dr. Cullen off. Don't hate me, I love you with your Dr. Cullen switch on! It was just a question sheesh.

- Kellan Lutz a.k.a Emmett Cullen or big bad Cullen:
So... Are you like Emmett in any way? Do you share the big bad boy exterior but are teddy bear-like on the inside?

- Kristen Stewart a.k.a Bella Swan:
What would you have done in New Moon if you were Bella? Would you have gone to Italy to save Edward or would you have waited for him to come and beg on his knees for forgiveness? I certainly would've waited.

- Elizabeth Reaser a.k.a Esme Cullen or Mama Cullen:
Do you think Esme should be more featured in the Twilight series? She is the " mom" so she sould be more involved with what happens in her own house... (In breaking dawn she has like 2 lines).

- Robert Pattinson: Are you going to apologize that I can no longer find normal guys attractive? ...Oh, so you refuse to? Well mister than I must inform you I and god knows how many, like DarkWard >:]

- Kellan Lutz:
Someone I know told me you have a fame of breaking houses. And also heard they designed the ultimate anti-seismic house in Japan, it's said to be virtually undistructable... *Cough* WannaGoTryItOutWithMe? *Cough* No? kaay.. Awkward moment here, didn't see that one coming...

- Nikki Reed a.k.a "living" perfection, Rosalie Hale:
Did you know Rosalie Hale was supposed to be the prettiest girl in the world? Cause you certainly don't act like you knew that fact. Perhaps now you could fake a broken leg or something so we could get a new, long legged, pretty face, BLONDE to play her in Eclipse.

-Taylor Lautner a.k.a Hottest underage (that it should be illegal) werewolf Jacob Black:
Is it true that Selena just used you to get closer to Rob? *cough* thatlittleskank *cough* Ugh, don't worry she'll get What she deserves... I was wondering if maybe you'd like to show me your workout routine (and I can happily quote Breaking Dawn here) and I can show you other ways I know of for burning calories *wiggles eyebrows*.

- Rachelle Lefevre a.k.a Steemy hot red head bad ass vamp:
I have a great idea! Instead of wasting time in New Moon and most parts of
Eclipse on trying to hunt Bella down, why don't you go through the ultimate quest and find ways to bring dead vamps back to life so we can have more shirtless Cam Gigandet scenes in Eclipse. Besides Cam wouldn't betray you or doubt your love like Riley... You could even get another free t-shirt like the one you stole from butt crack santa. No? Just asking..

- Edi Gathegi a.k.a Laurent the french pirate vamp:
I'm sorry but the first time I saw the trailer all I could think about when you came up was "Isn't he a character in Pirates of the Caribbean?" yeah, that wasn't a question, just telling you that the French mustache isn't helping...

- Elizabeth Reaser:
How does "Alex Karev" (Justin Chambers) kiss? Ha! Need to know that one :]
And if they haven't kicked me out yet, I'd also tell her that I didn't like her till I saw her in Twilight! In Grey's Anatomy she was a craaaazy biatch but now she's an elegant, cool, hipster and respectable lady >:]


  1. Mmmmm, no questions for my favs, Ashley and Jackson? -le sigh- Oh well... ,-)

    OT - Dare we ask? How did the exam go?

    'Alice's Aunt'

  2. Ashely and Jackson are just perfect so I couldn't think of any cool questions for them!
    Ashley would be like: daaaaaaah (I'm truly dazzled by her)
    And I'd ask Jackson to repeat after me: "Darlin'
    I thirst your blood" :]

    Went great in the exam ! Thanks for asking ^^