Jul 2, 2009

Should be studying but...

I know I should be studying right now, but I just can`t ! So instead I`m doing everything else you can posibly do BUT study :]
Lets recall my whole day till now.
I woke up really early cause my small brother came in like "You got mail! You got mail!!" And I was like "Sooo? Leave me alone I wanna sleep some more!" Whats so special about this mail? Must be from the bank or publicity, sheesh let me sleep! And he was like " But your mail has Homer and Marge from The Simpsons stamps!!" Whaaaat? Is he serious or is this some plan my mom made up so I`d get up early today? So I got up and Yes! He wasn`t lying! I really got mail with the simpsons ad stamps ! What a great way to wake up :] Love the girls at Robsten Lovers !! That was just the tip of the iceburg

Than came the Robsten Lovers sticker :]

And if that wasn`t enough, I also got a Robsten Card :)

And finally came the Bookmark I won when I first found out about Robsten Lovers Blogspot but I couldn`t get a good picture of it and I wouldn`t upload anything that wont do it justice, but I can tell you, IT ROCKS :D!! So a bunch of thanks to the ladies up in Robsten!

Ok, so after that, I decided to check if they had updated some of my fanfic and for the first time in weeks, they had updated several of them so I dozed of catching up :]

Theeen, my BFF called and I told her about my new bookmark, she told me she got back with her boyfriend and we chatted for a while...

Later on I remembered "Texts from last night" where I had a laugh.

I remembered to give thanks to the girls on Robsten, found "E`s" blog, read what I think were all of her post`s, and decided to log back on to Robsten to tell her about it and the fun time her blog gave me.

I checked youtube out for some music videos and found a Breaking Dawn concert where Steph asks Justin about "My never" (which is one of my favorite B.O songs !).

Had brunch with my stepdad... (during exams we don`t have to go unless we have an exam that day)

And now I decided to update my blog, something tells me I`m going to fail Roman Law or that I`m going to have to stay up all night to get the needed study *sigh*.. So enough with avoiding my studies although I do think that I`ll come up with something else to keep my mind distracted... Like.. Oh I know ! Nothing better than Jake and Amir, if you don`t know what I`m talking about, please check it out! I always laugh my head off with them :] and maybe after that I can go check for some new RPattz updates ...
Heidi !

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  1. Good luck with Roman Law exam!!!

    'Alice's Aunt'
    [who came over from 'Robsten Lovers' blog]