Jun 26, 2009

Awesome Fanfic

Being in bed for quite a few days now, I've had time to catch up with my fanfic! :)
Where to start .. I've read like 50 and I can't wait for updates!! Seriously.
Most of the are Out Of Caracter and All Human but who cares, as longs as there's Edward and Bella, I'm in!

Holding Out For You!

Great story! Sexy widowed doctor who also surfs, has two nice kids.. Docward, surfward, all in one. Oh and he loves honey sticks.
Bella is a divorced mother who just moved in with her sun and her pretty lab.
Not much more to say, just LOVE IT.
Love how it's written. There are some angsty parts in between and I swear I cried, I usually don't cry, and less with fanfic, but this, this my friend was deep pure angst.
Check it out HERE!

Then comes
The Office

Bella is Edwards sexy assistant. Edward is a beautiful bastard. Bella is a beautiful bitch. No more words needed. Oh! And the french. Don't forget the french.
Check it out here!

Lets see which one next.. Oh!
The Submissive
Bells wants in on BDSM but only wants Edward. Hot, very hot! But sweet too. The best thing is that it has a sequel! Well not yet exactly. All written in BPOV. Now we're checking out Edwards point of view in...

The Dominant

Totally written in Edwards POV.
Click here to read The Submissive first. Than here for The Dominant.

I've got tons more of fanfics but I'm getting sleepy right now!
Sorry I didn't make better reviews for each of them cause I swear they do deserve it! They actually deserve a hole post each. But I'm just not that good a writter. *Le sigh*

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