Jun 22, 2009

Babysitting and Twilight

Friday night was one of the weirdest nights of my life. Mrs. J called me and asked me to babysit Anthony and Linsey (8 and 6 years old) who I've know for a while right now and since I'd already partied Thursday night, it seemed ok to do so. I was there early (which apparently in babysitting is a huge mistake cause Mrs J didn't waste any minute in me getting to write down every phone number and relatives adress in case of an emergency) when she finally let go of me and took off with Mr J, I went to say hi to the kids, we played for a while with some toys I had no idea existed, felt like I was in some movie from the future. I (yes I, the kids got bored after the first ten minutes and were currently standing at the door frame staring at me with pleeding eyes) eventually got bored of finding out which toys did what and figured out the kids were hungry so once in the kitchen with them eatting happily I checked the schedule the parents gave me, after dinner was a bath and then if the kids felt like it we could watch a movie in their room, then I had to kiss them goodnight and retire to the living room, leaving them in their sleep till Mr and Mrs. J. came back. After dinner I took them both to the bathroom, luckily for me they're still in that age range where it doesn't matter your sex and neither does your current bath partners one. So thats was quite fast and problem free. Pj time was just as easy, and they told me that we had to put their beds together to make watching movies cooler, everything was going on very cooly, till Twilight came along... We went to the parents room to check out the DVD collection and suddenly I dropped every other movie I had planned to watch that night. Twilight was there, guess Mrs. J is a twi-mom cause she had it on her side along with what people call chick flicks and inside the DVD box she had quite a nice selection of RPattz pictures. So forget about anything else, I found Twilight and Twilight we're watching. I quickly scanned my head in search for anything that might appear in Twilight that could be scary for 8 and 6 year olds but remembered this video (for those of you who have no idea what video I'm talking about, its the one where a 4, yes FOUR year old LIKES Twilight) so I thought if a 4 year old liked Twilight, Anthony and Lindsey would love it! I went to get us something to drink so if there was a "PG Rating Sign" I would'nt know. The movie went along great, at least that's what I thought... the kids were quiet and even laughed with Bellas clumpsiness. Do not ask me when, why or how things changed but suddenly I looked at them and inmediately realized something was wrong. Tonys eyes were as big as dishes and he looked like the were forcing him to watch the movie.
I'm sorry Tony. Truly am.

Well that was what Tony looked like so I turned of the TV and got him a glass with iced water than, Lindsey. Linsdey was aparrently good, normal, fine. That's how things looked like when I turned the lights of and silently closed the door behind me. I felt something grab my leg and before I could try kicking it off I realized it was Lindsey.
- "What's wrong sweety?"
- "Do not leave me please, the orange hair girl will come and try to eat me" (Thats what I think she said cause she just couldn't stop crying so it was hard to make out what she meant to say.)
- "Ok, I'll stay with you but we can't make noises so your brother doesnt wake up"
- " Kaaaay"
The parents decided to arrive at 1 am (4 hours more than actually planned). In other cases I don't really mind but this was the worst that could've happened. Lindsey AT ALL TIMES had a part of her body stuck to mine while Tony looked like someone had blone mind freezing ice on him or something. He was slow, it took him forever to do things so when I woke up being bitten on the arm it took the few of 5 minutes to get him off of it, to finally stop and start staring to nowhere land once again. I heard some screaming and found out Lindsey had seen and heard most of it so I had to find her and tell her things were alright, her brother was not a vampire, I wasn't dying and Tony wouldn't try to eat her later on. She joined me to the kitchen, helped me wrap my hand with an ice pack and quietly went back to bed not letting go of my leg till her parents got home and I decided to make a run home just after they paid me not wanting to deal with Tonys vampire shock.
For all you twimoms out there, I'm sorry if Tony and Lindsey were your kids and I traumatized them for life, I usually am great in babysitting, have never gotten any complains, but nobody is perfect. So I really apologize! For that and for taking the liberty to open your first aid kit cause your wanna be vampire kid thought he was James and I was Bella so he bit me real hard even making me bleed a bit. So yeah, sorry bout that.

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