Jun 15, 2009

idea-less, my blog is never gonna make it to the corner!

kaaay I can't get no sleep! maybe cause I went to the gym and left like at ten so I'm al hyper right now and decided that maybe if I wrote something I'd get a bit more sleepy.
so yeah, I know I'm supposed to blog about things twilight related but I just realized that my great idea would now be some lame ass post cause comeone beat me to it !
Last week at the gym I was on the running machine and they started playing some M. Jackson videos, then came Thriller and I totally thought what would it be like if Edward was a zombie. Almost killed myself cause I tripped on the jogging machine and landed on the floor, on my but. I'm lame, I know. Well the thing is, next day I saw that Twilight Widowers beat me to it! I swear I even imagined the movie scene when they're in the forest and KStews lines being like your skin is greenish and stuff. So yeah I'm idea-less right now...
C'est la vie...

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