Jun 18, 2009

Me in Breaking Dawn

Ok! (Why do I always start like that? I don't know, I'll figure it out next time) So the other day I was at the gym on a thirty minute jog on the treadmill and found out that not even my pimp ass playlist was gonna help me get over the long run and started looking around... I realized several people were reading books, so yep, next day I took a book with me, guess which one! Not Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse, but Breaking Dawn.
Yep, thats how my treadmill looked like.

So I began thinking I was 19 years old too ! And suddenly my mind began to dream while my feet struggled to not fall off the darn machine.
I was Bella and Edward was, Edward (sorry, no boyfriend so I'm settling weith Edward) and pictured the scene. Me telling my mom and current stepdad (yes current, I've had about 4 of those) and well obviously the scene didn't exactly play out that w
ay. First my moms over reaction to the word marriage, than me hyperventilating and getting in a fight with Edward, everyone pointing out that we were to young and that they weren't buying the "not pregnant" crap, so finally maybe after hours of discussion, some br
oken vases, me crying, step dad blaming mom for the idea that marriage was something that came from night to day, and finally everyone sitting down to discuss things, some calls to the Cullens to check out what they thought of things... Oh lets not forget about the part where all of us would have to get in Mr. H's car and drive to the drugstore to get a pregnancy test... Dad and Edward outside the bathroom and my mom with me just to check I don't cheat on the test by putting water instead of peeing in it, and finally... After hours and hours, YES! We're ready to go!
Thank god we didn't tell them about our honneymoon plans
What about hunneymoon plans? I think we should be worried a
bout the fact that we're moving in
Ugh, we'll get to that, lets just take it a step at the time...
So yeah, after all of that mess, we could finally get married.
After the wedding from hell, where Edwards strange but loving family encountered my wackoo one me and Edward would go on our hmoon, probably not Isle Esme, and more than likely none of us being virgens... Have the fun and time of our lives unt
ill suddenly... Week 3 on the hmoon, OMG I'm late!

Ugh sorry! I'd love to continue but I can't right now, something just came up!
Next post
Edward, me and mini Heidi =)

Love this picture ! Found it here :)
H :]

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