Jun 23, 2009

Just my luck...

If you read the last post you'd probably know I babysat some kids and then when Twilight came up things went really wrong, I got bitten by an eight year old and had a 6 year old glued to my leg till her parents got her off me. I thought I had comitted the most horrendous type of crime... That, 'till yesterday when I began feeling really weird, icky, like a truck had run over me, and like I could fry an egg on my head ( could go on all day telling you how I felt but that's not the point I'm trying to make here). Just as I began to feel like crap, I got a phone call from Mrs. J. (mom of Anthony and Lindsey, who I babysat Friday), not in the mood to let my phone keep on making those annoying and irritating sounds, I picked up. Two very opposite feelings came across when she called. First the good one: I wasn't getting in trouble for putting her son in a trauma cause aparrently it wasn't just Twilights fault, it envolved some other reason, that takes us to...
The BAD one: Tony actually got the swine flu (I just like calling it that way, its easier and "friendlier") so as soon as he got better they wanted me to babysit during their regular outtings cause they thought I did a great job( yeah right...
I know payback is a bitch so I probably deserved the damn flu, but I don't deserve the angry parents *sigh*).

Back to the point. If you read the listed above you'll notice... I HAD SYMPTOMS... been in contact with a infected person.. So yeah, I put 2 and 2 together and realized I needed a doc.
So here I am analyzing myself.
I actually thought it was all about the fever but when I told the doc I had a sore throat and that I was getting nauseas with just about everything I ate, he left the room running and came back withwhat looked like an apocalyptic pack.
Symtoms: Check.

The apocalyptic pack included:
- a shot to stop the muscular pain. The current male nurse (the doctor wisely took a run for his life) didn't even blush when he told me to get my pants down when all I was thinking about was a man I don't know is touching my butt without foreplay, ugh so awkward, lets say something to break the ice "Uuum, good hand you have, doesn't hurt at all.. WTFFFF WAS THAAT? GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" kay, that went wrong... What do we do now? smile at him? Nah, lets just, stand up and get out of here. Dear lord! Is this gonna hurt FOREVER?! Think I was better of without that shot. Fucker.
- A "manual for people who've got the swine flu". Nothing you didn't already know in here.
- The very exposed TAMIFLU. Great.

One every twelve hours for five days.

- A medical license on my name with a "7 days in bed" written in HUGE LETTERS! Yay, now we're talking! I know I'll probably get bored but sheesh its a week off! I believe God trully likes us and was just playing hard to get when we thought nobody liked us.
So, like the posts name, Just my luck!
Although I do get a week off everything which means just lying down, blogging, reading, facebooking, and other things you do when you should be doing productive stuff, with the exception that I don't have to be doing productive stuff now, cause I've got the swine flu :D

Thanks little piggies.

Oh and special thanks to Robsten Lovers for being really nice and cool with me and even setting up a Get Well Soon post up for me :]
Me love you guys.

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